Due to the public health recommendations for the containment of COVID-19, and the strain on everyday life this has caused, the BVSC Officers and Board Members have taken the following actions.


We do ask that you kindly stay home if you are experiencing any

Illness or flu like symptoms for any shoots and/or meetings we have.


Club sponsored shoots and meetings:

Shoots and meetings will be allowed only if the following are adhered to.


  • All shoots and/or meetings will be restricted to members only, no guests until further notice.


  • A minimum six feet social distancing and face coverings are mandatory.


  • No more than 10 members at the range at any one time.


  • The small club house will be restricted to one occupant, the larger storage building no more than two occupants at a time.


  • Please be aware it is near impossible to eliminate surface to surface contact during these types of activities. Sterilizing surfaces between users may be necessary.


  • It is difficult to use ear, eye and face protection without the possibility of contamination so hand sanitizer is highly recommended and will be required to be available at all activities.


  • All gates and doors will be opened and remain open until the last individual leaves the grounds.