action pistol

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*Match fees for this year will be $15.00 for members and $20.00 for non members

Registration begins at 9:30am with shooting starting at 10:00am 

Action pistol is an exciting and challenging competition where various Courses of Fire are defined and shot. We generally shoot four stages that alternate in a mix of paper, steel and moving targets. as well as turning targets similar to ones used at the National Championship. Most timed courses are fired from a “surrender position” with gun holstered at the start. As always we welcome new shooters who may elect to start low ready where safety is a concern.​

Required Equipment:

  1. Eye and Ear protection

  2. Firearm

  3. Gun Holster

  4. Approx 60-100 rounds of ammunition (With ammo prices now thru the roof and shortages of primers for those who reload we will be keeping stage round counts down to 12 -16 rounds per stage with mostly cardboard targets and limited steel)​​

  5. 2-3 Extra Magazines


  • April 11

  • May 2

  • June 13

  • July 11

  • August 8

  • September 12

  • October 10

  • November 7